The Next Generation of Dieticians

Quality & Experience

Upon graduation from college with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, many aspiring dietitians throughout the U.S. go on to complete a dietetic internship program. Dietetic internships are a necessary step for a person to earn the credentials of being a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and practice nutrition professionally. Dietetic internship programs allow a person to apply the nutrition science knowledge they acquired by gaining practical, onsite experiences and skills in a variety of different settings.  The Kent State University Combined Master’s of Science/Dietetic Internship Program provides 1550 hours of practical site experiences in a variety of settings such as businesses, long term care facilities, community settings, hospitals and schools.


Hands-On Education

For over 15 years, dietetic interns from Kent State have ventured into school settings across Northeast Ohio to complete 144 hours of onsite, school nutrition experiences.  Interns work side by side with school nutrition professionals to gain valuable skills in child/adolescent nutrition, menu planning, foodservice management activities, nutrition education of students/teachers/staff and the intricacies of the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs to name just a few.  The experience of working within a school district often ignites a passion for this rewarding avenue of dietetics that the intern never knew existed.  In fact, many interns cite that their favorite rotation during the entirety of the internship program was their school rotation and some have even been fortunate enough to secure a position as a school foodservice director upon graduation.

Achieving Great Things Together

For schools who choose to host dietetic interns, the benefits to the school district are often immense as well. Dietetic interns can help launch/complete a number of projects that the school district has been looking to achieve, but perhaps have not had the time to execute. Kent State interns in the past have helped develop a grab and go breakfast bar, an infused water station, a smoothie station as well as create/sample new menu items. In addition, interns conduct plate waste studies, equipment research, kitchen audits, sustainability studies and are equipped with the skills to develop nutrition education materials, blogs and newsletters to highlight all that the school nutrition program provides to their students. Dietetic interns can also develop and deliver nutrition education/presentations to staff and students alike on a variety of topics. The opportunities for intern involvement in a school setting are endless and the intern’s enthusiasm to learn more about nutrition in this exciting environment unparalleled.  It is really a “win-win” scenario all around.

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