To Boldly Dough Where No Dough Has Gone Before

Healthy, Wholesome, & Delicious

Dough Go’s is a family owned small business in Canton, Ohio. It began in the early 2000’s with Ben McDonald’s passion for making the perfect pizza dough. He developed and tested many recipes before finding the perfect dough! Ben always believed in the American Dream of entrepreneurship and worked very hard to turn his passion into a small business. When Ben and Megan married in 2014 they decided to expand that business to grow with their family. Megan joined the dough team and helped launch a line of cookie dough that focused on healthy requirements for school age kids. Dough Go’s grew from serving one k-12 customer to now serving over 300 NE Ohio schools. Those schools serve their pizza and cookie dough daily through either the lunch menu or ala carte options. Dough Go’s is passionate about supplying healthy, wholesome and delicious options for our children. We source our ingredients locally and partner with many local companies for our packaging and material needs. Shopping local is more than a talking point- it’s a way to enhance your community for the better. When a community chooses to shop local over 75% of that money will continue to circulate locally–whereas when you buy from a national chain only about 12% of that money will stay in the community.

Dough Go’s is proud to employ a team of 5, and it’s current goal is to add 2 more full time positions for the upcoming school year. There is no doubt that local dough is the best dough!

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